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June 3, 2016 started out as a dreary, wet, soggy day.

The weather was no match for the mood. Couldn't compare to the atmosphere. Was not going to kill the spirit.

Because that was the day... that Tiffany and Wayne got married!








































...and Gentlemen.














An (almost) Unplugged Wedding


Introducing Mrs & Mrs...



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Wayne & Tiffany Are Getting Married! https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2016/6/wayne-tiffany-are-getting-married Actually, Wayne & Tiffany already got married!

Last weekend I was privileged enough to be the one to photograph the couple's nuptials. But before the big day, I was also asked to shoot their engagement photos. The bride and groom used some of their images for their wedding day decor, so I wasn't allowed to reveal them until now. 

The couple wanted a quick session. Just a few images that would capture their spirit and show off how adorable they are together.

The job was too easy. Look how cute they are...

Look at how he looks at her!

Her glow shows how much she adores him...

Cutest couple of 2016...hands down!

Wayne's & Tiffany's wedding pictures will have their big reveal in a couple of weeks. We know everyone is anxious to see them! Stay tuned!




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Wayne's Prom 2016 https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2016/5/waynes-prom-2016 On May 27th, Wilson High School in Washington , DC hosted their 2016 Senior Prom. Students came together for their much anticipated formal farewell and they did it in style!

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph this dapper young man who took "The Classic Man" look and shined bright on prom night.



Wayne was a little camera shy. I don't know why. Just look at him. 



As as we waited for his date, I was able to capture some great images.



Yup! I caught him smiling!


Of course Wayne's beautiful date completed his look. 



Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Wayne. Stay classic!


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They said "I DO!" https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2015/3/they-said-i-do The bride was radiant...


The groom was as handsome as could be...



They stood before their pastor, their family & friends and exchanged vows

before their God!

It was a beautiful autumn wedding!

Every aspect was captured as to ensure as memories fade, something tangible was left behind to refresh them.


Here in lies the dilemma.


How does one choose just the right images to present to the world?

You don't want to miss anything...the story must be told completely.


You can't very well jam a hundred pictures into a slideshow!

Unless of course...

you do it very quickly!

I present to you

The Wedding of Ava & David

in 4 minutes & 36 seconds!




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NBFPD2014 https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/9/nbfpd2014  


On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Black Female Photographers, LLC held its 3rd annual photo walk in 14 cities across the country. NBFPD is a time for photographers of all walks of life to come together for networking, mentoring, learning and good old fashioned fun. Photographers of all genders, races and skill level were invited to walk as members of BFP strive to grow working relationships across the board.






I serve as BFP's Regional Officer for the Washington, DC metropolitan area and I've planned and organized each walk over the last three years.







This year I chose to walk the east loop of the Downtown Heritage Trail.

It was a rather gloomy day. The forecast called for showers and it was tough trying to pinpoint when the rain would actually start.

But we took our chances and walked anyway!

And we got some pretty good shots, if I do say so myself!

Washington, DC is more than just national monuments. Though it's very rich in history, it's also teeming with pop culture. There's really quite a lot to see.

But not all of the sites will send you home with pleasant memories.

As with any metropolitan area, DC has its share of those in need. Souls that are seemingly lost and forgotten but who are truly alive and full of spirit.

^ This picture is a nod to my mom! ^

A few hours into the walk we stopped at The Greene Turtle to "chew & chat". We exchanged stories, ideas, plans, dreams, aspirations and of course business information so we can keep in touch. The group planned to continue walking after lunch but the skys opened up and we were forced to call it a day a bit early.






DC's diverse culture is one of its best features. The city is full of people from all walks of life. Most are as friendly as can be! He stopped while working at an outdoor cafe to pose for me.






I really wish the rain would have held off for a little while longer. There was so much more to see and I was really enjoying the time with my fellow photographers. NBFPD2015 can't come quick enough!




It was truly a PLEASURE to spend my day with these folks. Newbies and vets came together to share the common interest of photography and we created memories to last a lifetime (and we have the pictures to prove it!).

We'll see you next year!


Visit the official BFP site by clicking the banner above!

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A Very Special Engagement https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/8/a-very-special-engagement

He asked..."Will you?"

She answered..."YES!"

David & Ava

Are making it official!

The ball is in motion.

The planning has started.

Now the couple is anxiously awaiting that chosen date in October...

When their "Happily Ever After" will begin...

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Sisters! https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/7/sisters

They grow up so fast! What better way to freeze those beautiful memories in time than with portraits?

The girls were pure gems during their photo shoot and it shows in each image. They came ready to work and my job was surely an easy one!

It was so awesome to see the sisterly love between these little girls...

One can only imagine the amounts of adorable I witnessed with Lexi & Riley! I can't wait to work with them again. 



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A Birthday Surprise! https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-birthday-surprise Of course I'd say there's no better way to commemorate a birthday than with pictures but, honestly, it's the truth! Whether you have a shoot to celebrate your birthday or if you want to gift someone lasting memories of your beautiful face, remember, photos are forever!


The White Kids

For their dad's 50th birthday, Alexis and her brothers decided to create a collection of photos of them all together. The kids gathered in Georgetown early one Saturday morning and had an absolute ball in front of the camera.

During this photo shoot, I had the privilege of being shadowed by an aspiring videographer, my 12 year old son. He filmed this video tribute to the lucky birthday boy. Pretty good for his first time, huh?! Stay tuned for more videos from my boy as he works diligently to hone his craft! :-)

Happy Birthday, Sir! And we at YLP wish you many more.


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Sometimes I Take Pictures At Weddings! https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/2/sometimes-i-take-pictures-at-weddings Sometimes. Well I guess most of us usually do take pictures at weddings, huh? The cameras on our phones have come a looooong way over the years. You'd be amazed at some of the shots we can get with a smartphone and a steady hand! No, I suppose I should say I'm occasionally tasked to shoot whole entire weddings. Professionally! Mm hmm. Me! I don't sell myself as a wedding photographer, so I don't really advertise that service here on my website, but yes, I've been known to pick up my camera and aim it at happy couples before, during and after they exchange their vows. 

I shoot ceremonies by special request & referrals of those close to me (and I truly appreciate the faith shown in me by those referrals!) and I always keep it small scale. I love small, intimate, quaint weddings. To me the atmosphere simply feels better and when the air is light, it shows!


Karry & Tequilla

I LOVE this couple and I was so anxious to shoot their wedding! I took their engagement pictures...actually, I took their proposal pictures too!...and I waited patiently for them to give me a final date and location of their big day. Unsure of where it was going to be, I was fully prepared to hop on a plane and shoot a destination wedding if that was what they chose.


But beautiful Ellicott City, Maryland won out and they had a charming little ceremony right at home. The day started off a little wet but Mother Nature was nice and decided to let the sun come out and play just in time for the couple's "I Do's". As a photographer, I couldn't have asked for better lighting!

  I promised Karry & Tequilla I would make them a slide show of their pictures since there were too many for their album and they wanted to share them with family & friends far and near. 

Sorry it took so long guys but here you go.


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Cropping and Print Sizes https://www.yvielenphotography.com/blog/2014/2/cropping-and-print-sizes Once I finish taking all of those beautiful pictures of you, I'll upload the images to your own personal gallery. There you'll be able to purchase prints (paper, canvas, & metal!) in many sizes. Many, many sizes. But, how do you know which size to choose? Why choose one size over another?

Want a long drawn out explanation of printing? No? Ok, well how about this chart?



In a nutshell, you will lose a little bit of your image if you choose a print size in the first row. Those are the most common sizes...the ones we have always purchased. It's common to go straight for those sizes because not only are they familiar but you can buy frames for them most anywhere. But, don't be afraid of the second row! 

Prints in the second row aren't much bigger (or smaller) than the common sizes (8x10 vs 8x12) and you won't lose any of what you see in your gallery. Frames are a little tougher to find just anywhere, but they are available locally at stores like AC Moore & Michael's and can be ordered online or by special order through me.  



Here's a closer look at an 8x10 and an 8x12. In this particular image, one inch has been removed from the top and one from the bottom to get an 8x10.  Remember, the 8x12 is the same ratio as the original image.


When in doubt about what you should pick, you can always ask me, of course. We'll work together to choose the print sizes that are right for you.

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