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Hey Fam. In case you're thinking of hiring me or referring me out for any work, I've put together this blog to help make your decision a little easier (and a lot less awkward) for all of us. No need to waste time (as it is money you know) with the back & forth and uncertainty. I'm a business owner like some of you, so my prices should be up front if you're considering using my services, right?  

First I want to say, if you really do want me to take your picture, great! I love shooting my beautiful family! Well, not literally. :-) Seriously though, it's an honor when I get to do work for y'all. But...this is my business (however small) so I have to do things by the book. Here's a peek into my world...


This is how I run things:

I require a nonrefundable retainer to hold your date ($100 for shoots. $250 for events. 50% for weddings). Nonrefundable means if you blow me off at the last minute, you gave me a generous tip for turning down other appointments.  If you say you want a date, I will send you an invoice. From the moment I send your invoice until you pay the retainer, your date is not set (I do "hold" it until I send you the invoice). I usually send out one automated reminder before cancelling the invoice but that's only if there's at least 14 days left before your scheduled date. If I get another request before you pay the invoice sitting in your inbox, I will cancel your invoice and book the paying customer. Payment in full is due 7 days before the shoot or it will be cancelled without refund of the retainer.


This is what I charge for my services (subject to change):

Personal photo shoot (kids, adults, families) - 90 minutes - $225

Newborn photo shoot (up to 2 weeks old) - up to 3 hours - $225

Maternity photo shoot - 2 hours - $225

    ~ Newborn shoot after purchasing maternity shoot is 50% off 

Engagement photo shoot - 60 minutes $225


    ~ 4 hour package - 1 location - includes one 16x24 inch canvas print - $1995

    ~ 6 hour package - up to 2 locations (mileage limits apply) - includes one 16x24 inch canvas print - $2495

    ~ 8 hour package - up to 3 locations (mileage limits apply) - includes wedding album or all digital images - $2995

        ~ 8 hour package includes complimentary engagement shoot

Event Photography $125 per hour with a 2 hour minimum

Product Photography $125- $200 per item with unlimited usage rights


This is what happens after your shoot/session:

With the exception of event & product photography and the canvases with wedding packages, none of the aforementioned includes prints or digital images. All prices are for my time and talent only. I typically shoot around 400 pictures in a session. Once I'm at my computer, I cull those pictures looking for the best of the best and afterwards, I edit the images. This process takes approximately 8 hours (or more) of my time after I leave you. 

I will have your proofs to you in 2 weeks or less.

All sessions include hosting your personal gallery on my website. You can order prints directly through this website. You can share the link of this gallery with family & friends. And if it's an event that I photographed, you can download the images (printable up to 5x7).

All prints must be ordered through me for quality assurance*. The photos I get from my lab do not even begin to compare to the prints one may get from CVS or Walmart. My work is my reputation. Prints are evidence of my work.  

* (Event photos are an exception for prints 5x7 or smaller. These are usually very numerous so you have the option of just e-sharing the digitals or printing out selections where ever you choose.)

My print prices start at $15. My photo books start at $60. My albums (usually reserved for weddings and serious special occasions) start at $550.  My canvas & metal images start at $55.


This is why I charge what I charge:

Because I'm worth it. Over the last few years I have put in mad work to step my game up. I've done everything I could think of to get to the level that I'm at now and I'm still not where I want to be. I'm educated in my craft and I acquire more education whenever the opportunity affords itself. I bust my arse to be the best I can be...and I believe it shows.

It takes a long time to learn software packages and actually put them to use. Editing one image at a time is tedious, exhausting, rewarding work. A 90 minute shoot for you is 2 more days of work for me.

The gear I carry in my camera bag could be traded for a down payment on a new car. In order for me to capture the images you so love, I need the right equipment to do it...and that stuff is expensive! Each click of my shutter puts wear on my camera and leads it to its eventual demise. In the meantime, it must be maintained and will one day have to be replaced all together. 

My website that hosts galleries has to be paid for annually. It's not free for me to house other people's pictures.

On my computer I use software that I need to process your images. That software is as expensive as my gear and it too will soon be outdated and will need to be replaced. 

I work for profit just like anyone else who goes to work. I have expenses, bills and unnecessary wants. I work hard to earn cash to cover those things.


I understand that my pricing structure may not work for everybody but it works for me.  And please know that I will not be offended if you choose to use another photographer for your needs. As a matter-of-fact, I find it more offensive when I'm expected to work for free. Look at the work I produce and take a glance at my price list then decide if you want to ask me for my time. Everything after that will fall into place.