Yvie Len Photography | Unplugged Wedding


When the Bride walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her. Everyone wants to take her in. Her dress, her beauty, the expression on her face when she sees him. Guess what? The bride wants to see YOU too! There is nothing more welcoming than a familiar face. She wants to see your expression when she presents herself to the world. She wants the look in your eyes to tell her how happy you are for her. She wants to feel as if you're present in her moment, not just trying to get a shot for social media.


Your standing with a phone or ginormous tablet in the air is more than likely blocking someone else's view of the ceremony. It's simply rude.


Social media.

Most people who take pictures on their phones do so so that they can upload them to Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. The couple may not want their day broadcasted on social media while it's happening. They may not want the day on social media at all. It's truly their choice and should be respected.


When the couple looks back on their professional pictures, they want to see their entire day...this includes their guests. Professional photographers tend to exclude images that contain backs of mobile phones and tablets instead of beautiful faces. Don't deprive the B & G of knowing who shared their day with them 40 years from now because the image with you and your iPhone in it didn't make the cut.


You really do get in the way of the professional photographer!

You may not think you do but yes, yes you do. It can be extremely frustrating to try to capture the day while dodging obstacles like iPads, rogue flashes & lighting, and entire bodies when a team of phone-tographers pop up out of no where. It's really disheartening to miss out on certain shots like the first kiss because someone with a Point & Shoot decided they could take a better picture of moment. Please believe, the B & G do NOT want you to be in their first dance picture holding your mobile phone up with a crazy expression on your face.